How Termite Control Can Save Your Building And Timbers

Timber pests are a type of insect that wreaks havoc on wood. They are very common in Australia, and they destroy homes and buildings in secret. When you have timber insects in your house, there is a good chance that harm will occur. Termites, also known as white ants, produce substantial internal damage to wood and other fibre items.  

The most popular species are coptotermes acinaciformis. It is also the most dangerous termite species on the planet. According to studies, this destructive insect attacks one out of every five homes at some point during their lives. It could be as significant as one in three in some cases. Clearly, it is critical to take every precaution possible to avoid their threat. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to go for termite control in your home. In this blog, you will find out how termite control can protect your building and timbers. 

Importance Of Termite Control 

It is crucial to safeguard against all these pests. You must search for ways to mitigate the destruction. Require expert building inspectors for assistance with a timber pest problem is the smartest idea to use. You will not be able to achieve a sanitary environment if you continue to allow these pests to destroy your property. Don’t seriously compromise your family’s wellbeing. Therefore, termite control can save you a lot of money and time, as well as keep you from having to deal with additional problems in the future.

What is the most popular type of harm caused by timber pests?

1. Degradation of Wood

This is also referred to as Timber Spoilage. Wood, plaster, fabrics, and paper are among the most vulnerable components. The decomposition of cellulose fibres by fungi causes the wood to lose strength and size. Warm air, moisture, and a lack of ventilation are the primary environmental factors that cause building materials to deteriorate.

2. Borer infestation

A borer is a pest that passageways into the timber. Borer infestations in your residence can be extremely destructive.

3. Termite infestation

These timber pests are often referred to as “the quiet destroyers” because they can hide in your home without leaving any signs of their existence and can eat whole timber, ceramic tile, or even wallpaper.

Termites are the most popular wood-eating insects, and they reproduce quickly. As a result, here are some indicators that you have a termite infestation.

  • Flying insects that congregate in or near your home to form an interim cluster.
  • Paint that has broken or bubbled.
  • termite droppings.
  • When touched, the wood makes a distinctive sound.
  • Mud tubes installed on timbers, climb up to areas, or façades.
  • A swarm of winged insects’ wings were thrown away.

The Best Ways To Keep Your Home Safe From Termites

  • Always stick to the rules and suggestions of a Wood Pest Expert. They are intended to provide extra safety.
  • A termite-treated region adjacent to your home’s perimeter walls may be required to minimise the danger to your residence. You must not disrupt this Handled Area. Subterranean termites may gain access if it is interrupted. If you haven’t had this Handled Area implemented so far, your residence is still vulnerable to termite damage in the coming years.
  • Building alterations or additions can render any termite management programme unsuccessful. Decks, roofs, and colonnades, for example, can provide a route for hidden entry into the land.
  • When building a new concrete residence, it is critical to leave the slab’s margin revealed. Weep residences discovered directly above the steel plate, in between the bricks, must also be left uncovered. By constructing greenery or soil stages over the side of the steel plate or over the weep gaps, termites may gain undetected entrance into your residence and overpass Served Areas.
  • Whatever material that could be favourable to termite outbreak, such as mould, wood, tree roots, and similar materials, must be eliminated from the floor surface. It will also help you in keeping your home safe from termites. 
  • Check for dripping faucets and washrooms. Pipes and other structures beneath or nearby to the house are fixed as soon as possible to reduce moisture levels in the subfloor.
  • Make absolutely sure that vents to basement areas are never obstructed. These keep the flooring dry so that termites aren’t drawn to the region.
  • Do not use uncontrolled wood to build flower beds or concrete structures because it will encourage termites. Retaining walls made of untreated wood should be overtaken.
  • If you plan on making changes that may impact the security of your residence, as discussed above, make sure to first consult with your Termite control specialist.

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